Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Parents

So since I moved to Florida I haven't been able to see my parents half as often as I'd like. But last night I was able to get on my webcam and saw them for the first time since starting my new healthy lifestyle. They basically told me that they could REALLY see a difference. They could tell that my face and shoulders were getting much slimmer, and it just totally made my night!

Since I see myself everyday it's really hard to notice the changes.. I mean I feel better about myself.. but physically I can never tell if I actually look thinner or if it's just wishful thinking. Anyway that made my whole night!

On the downside yesterday was a pretty hard day emotionally. Our new kitten Bentley is sick.. he seems like he's not able to control his bladder and ending up peeing on the sheets. :( He also seems to sleep all day everyday.. and something just seems off.. I really have grown attached to this little guy, so I hope that everything is ok with him.

He has a vet appointment today around 3, so keep him in your thoughts.. I'm kinda stressed out about the whole thing and hope that it's nothing too serious!