Friday, February 4, 2011

Small changes

So yesterday it stormed pretty bad... all day long. This prevented me from going on my walk outside.. so instead I decided to go to the gym at our apartments and get some exercise in. Since someone was using the treadmill I decided to use the exercise bike.

The last time I used the exercise bike (about 2-3 weeks ago) it totally kicked my ass.. I HATED it and my leg muscles were sore for days... Since then I've walked 2 miles everyday and have been eating only 1,200 calories. So yesterday it wasn't that bad... I mean I didn't love it, but my muscles don't ache at all!! Yay! It's only a small accomplishment, but in this long journey to become healthier sometimes you have to appreciate the smaller things. =)

Also, as a side note, we got a new kitten on Wednesday. His name is Bentley!

He's a cutie, and will be our third and final pet! We have another cat named Bear whom doesn't get along with him quite yet, as well as a puppy named LG. Wish me luck on getting the cats to become more friendly together!